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This is the links section to places where I go.

To reach my friends as well, you can go to these very well trusted sites:
RPG Maker Project Types-
Sonic Blitz -
Sonic Blitz is ruled by a very enlightened boy who has a creative mind; he is known on YouTube as Yusef1992, and is skilled with RPG Maker usage (especially RPG Maker 2003). I've became fast friends with him, and work under him as a hired overlord (administrator), as well as of backwards in the forum here too. He has resources that I don't have yet, and is working on multiple projects, so take the time to drop by.

M.U.G.E.N. Project Types-
Saiyajin Mui's City of Shadows -
Website of a mugen creator and very good friend of mine. Sayajin Mui is an excellent mugen stage developer. His works are available for downloading here, along with the heads-up of what he has in plans. Very epic works of art here. smile

Arcadia Mugen Chat (Xat box) -
A chatbox running off of XAT's service under one of the staff of Mugen Infantry: Cloud (AKA: Wolfmage). Refer here for helpful information, or to find me around there on some open events. Some hints of releases may also appear here from time to time, so be sure to take a look around!

Fabula Nova Crystalis (Xat box 02) -
Yet another chatbox of XAT Service, but this one is from another staff member known as Nekosage. Her box is more for open speak, general chatting, etc. I'm also found going around here at times as well (Warning! Suggestive themes may occur here occasionally.)

Official Network Types-

Mecha Dark Bladerz Guild
A newly developed site of a family member who lives with me, but is very much into Zero Online. His site is strongly based for it, but there are other things allowed optional here as well. Be sure to register here for hints and more if it comes to those of you who are looking for MMORPGs that involve Mechas and legions of enemies! Some parts of the this site is also for Cabal Online players (since that's where our Guild originated from anyway... well, mostly HIS.)

DarkPrinny's Place -
A nice little spot created by a friend of mine who goes by the name: DarkPrinny. He has quite some nifty things here and there, along with some bloopers and other sorts of fun things to look at. Be sure to pay him a visit here.

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