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Oh...? Nothing much for me to say here, except that I'm balanced a bit. I'm a cat that has her time for being cute, or has her time to extend her claws out and scratch anything that comes too close. Try not to get me wrong.
Sometimes curious, sometimes not... or in some cases I could even be into 'that sort of thing' (if you know what I mean, but sorry, I'm already taken. smile )
Goddess or Succubus ...it all depends on my mood. I could be both; but either one, you cross me the wrong way, and you will be cursed for life (and no, this is not a joke, it happened to very bad people who were vile to me.)

........Okay, down to business.
My first real name is Kasumi. For security reasons and parental restrictions over my head, I will not give my last name to anyone online whatsoever, and hardly show a photo (it was really NOT to be uploaded at all, but I did it anyway for the very few clients I trust at most) unless one would know where to find it. Also, I'm Asian-American (ex-Japanese) but was born and raised with American English, so mind me messing up on both sides of that line at times. I was born in April 20 of 1988, so one could obviously guess correctly; I'm pretty much an adult, and will tolerate no foolish immature actions around me online (flaming, rude actions, etc.), and I've been through hell though, so I won't be fooled by others that easily. Check the forum if you want to know why I sometimes go a bit 'out of the ordinary' because of this (it's a batch of three LONG true life stories, and none of them are pleasing to hear or talk about. Each time I have to tell others of them over again, it hurts me so).

Aside of that, some good things to know about me are the facts that I have a creative mind and love to tinker with things here and there. I'm into lesser game designing and such, and love to edit/create characters of my own on games such as Soul Calibur 3. Along with those, I'm very much into spirituality and relegion (despite my lustful flaws... *sweatdrop*), love to keep tabs on my dreams, and can even "connect" with a character in a game (feel her pain, rage, joy, same-time speaking before knowing, etc). Sometimes they come to me in a dream, and more than once.

As for making/doing things, I'm good with the following so far:
Graal Level Editing (NPC scripting at best),
RPG Maker 2000 & 2003,
Mugen Character Creation (Fighter Factory) and nominal stage creation,
Youtube Blooper videos and such,
Forum Administration,
Nominal level of using Game Maker 4 & 5,
Artwork with Corel Painter IIIX (9),
Sound and voice ripping (and some acting, but my mic is broken now...),

check around the site for what I've got so far! smile

As for aliases, I go in many places with a changed name since I had to cast away my old identity due to anti-fans and online enemies. I actually hate a lot of people because they hated me first on sight for no apparent or suitable reason. Names you can see me under are, but won't always be limited to:

Arala Cran (or Alara Cran), Shiroi-Ren (or White Len), Renetona Cran (original, high rate of seeing me with this name since it's my new nickname and original name for my character-self), Etna, Sophia Xiaoyu (or these two mixed as one), Tamiko (my mage in Disgaea 2), Crystal Core, Shikiyoku, Malice (rare), Firefly (old), Len (or Ren), Dark-Xianghua, ...and else if, I'll just let you in on knowing it's me.
Do know that due to being through such hell in life, that I'm not very good at speaking with others that much very long, especially in front of crowds, it's more than just the fact that I'm a bit distrusting now, but also shy...

Is this good enough for you to know?
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