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Even with a tainted reputation, I'm still around. I just don't go around that much anymore due to having to be in major hell more than once or even twice. If you seriously DO care and aren't one of the people who are 'under the par', then you can find me in more than one place.
To reach me easily, you can either go to the main forums of this site,
or contact me through email: etnasuigintou@gmail.com.
I make an appearance at least once or twice a day, sometimes staying for a while, so you can expect a reply either in a day or two; however, at other times, I may not able to respond even up to a few weeks or so (depends on how bad things are for me).

To contact me efficiently, please heed these rules:
Positive aspects which will earn a reply -
1: Creative ideas (and NOT first-grader criticism remarks!) of something seen which I'm working on.
2: Wishing to register to the forum (if you are NOT an enemy member!)
3: Sharable resources, other things, and helpful hints (same as first, but for other things than my project or friends' projects).
4: In need of help in specific for something.
5: If unable to contact someone who I may know that's close, I'll tell him/her what you had to say for you. (depends on who you are and the contact-target's decision).

Negative aspects which will earn no reply, or even a risk up to banishment on sight -
1: Criticism-Only (I-E: "Your work sucks!" or "Your FAQ is crap!" etc.) against any of my work.
2: Requests for certain things (I-E: I want *specific character name*) if note is already shown "Unrequestable character/object" on the tab. These will be either replied back with a "sorry, can't do that" or completely ignored.
3: If an enemy member, or affiliated with any of our enemies in any way (Namco Central, Empress Nyake, etc. the bad people who steal stuff from others and lie as well)
4: Any other sorts of Flaming or rudeness
5: Any other sorts of Spamming

You will obtain faster replies if you're someone who I know well, and if I'm not having issues at the time.

To reach my friends instead, you can go to these very well trusted sites:
The Mecha Dark Bladerz Guild
Sonic Blitz
Sayajin Mui's City of Shadows
Arcadia Mugen
DarkPrinny's Site

-This is only some of them, please refer to my links section for more of them.

Please, all I ask is that you have respect and kindness. I'm not one who likes to fight without a reason, or even with one either.
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