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This is the custom stages for Project D-Type. These are free for use. The stages are compatable for WinMugen, WinMugen+, an Most versions of Mugen 1.0 (Warning! The Hi-Res stages are slower with Mugen 1.0!)


(Data Pending) ....
Most stages will seem low-quality, but this is due to fast and best memory conservation for everyone.

Dominion of Creation

Renetona's very own home. A heavenly solace which has a dark facade and appears haunted from it's exterior after a fatal incident which has happened to her, but like a loving soul, has a benevolent interior full of life. She lives here with a lively yet dark batch of souls to this very day indeed!
Stage Occupants: Arala Cran/Renetona, Tamiko, Luke Spyroyin, Nikita, Mint, Sayo Yuhki, Hankyouran, Etna... -everyone on the "Heroes" side
Stage Theme(s): *varies
Zones/Floors: 3
Link unavailable; this stage will NOT shared!

Interstellar Shikigami Castle

Renetona's new-found favorite training spot created by her own mana force. It's a shikigami fortress located in a hidden distorted space, and is a heavenly solace. Despite the dark appearance, it has a very peaceful atmosphere. One who enters can feel and smell her pure aura here and feel at ease, opening his/her own mind to a creative force and unleash what they couldn't ever do before. This is a place mixed of various locations, and amplifies everyone's power to hyper-action, and her theme song will surly make anyone want to dance happily.
Stage Occupant: Arala Cran/Renetona
Stage Theme: Gradusic Cyber (her new theme song)
Link: latest patch! - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ydio1hv2mxm in a twin batch!

Crystal Memory

A very cherished stage of history and memory. This graceful cavern of ice and crystal has made an appearance in every last one of the projects of D-Type. This stage represents beauty with a hint of seductive coldness.
Arala Cran was revived here, and her soul energy illuminates the caverns when she approaches (it was actually the first stage in plan and work with her here). This is the first stage to start the saga. The work for this is reincarnated with perfection from Saiyajin Mui.
Stage Occupants: Arala Cran/Renetona, Luke Spyroyin
Stage Theme(s): "Stage 3.0: Dawn of Sorrow" (Raiden 3), "Stage 2.0: Can't Retrace" (Raiden 4), "Frozen Mist" (Street Fighter-EX2), "Abandoned Missile Base" (Megaman-X1, Remixed Version "Irregular Hunter: X")

Afternoon Meadow

A very alluring and beautiful meadow field in the afternoon created by combined mana power from Luke Spyroyin, Arala Cran, and Tamiko. There are no monsters here, and it makes the perfect place to lodge, or train with friends in a friendly sparring match with its clear sky and vastly open field for absolute fairness. The sun feels good on the body when simply lodging around or meditating.
Stage Occupant: Arala Cran/Renetona, Luke Spyroyin, anyone else on "Heroes" side.
Stage Theme: "Stage 5 theme; Edited for loop" (Star Soldier: PSP Version)
Link (Low-Res): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ydio1hv2mxm in a twin batch!
Link 2 (Hi-Res) : not yet finished.

Terrain: D. X-1G

A natural exterior zone of the D-Typers' Base in the daytime and located some distance away. It's a perfect and widely open area for testing out weapon functions, sparring matches, and sport hunting of very weak monsters who occasionally pop up from time to time under perfect weather.
Stage Occupants: Arala Cran/Renetona, Luke Spyroyin, Tamiko, Nikita, all other characters on the "Heroes" side.
Stage Theme: "Side Air Base" (Raiden: Fighters Jet 2)

Forest of the World Tree

A forest with a tree that contains and emits a powerful and healing force of life.
Stage Theme: "Ride on! - Battle Theme" (Megaman Starforce 2)

Divine Chapel

The interior of a church that Arala guards from time to time. Mint also guards this place as well, and trains in its open hall.
Stage Occupant: Mint
Stage Theme: "Welcome to the Darkness - Intro Stage" (Chaos Legion)

Castelion's Yard

The side yard of a popular castle in town which resembles the Tohono Mansion; a very epic mansion that is located in another dimension... Type-R occasionally comes here withholding such memory fragments from her original counterparts: Len and White Len.
Stage Theme: "Stage 2.0: L24-D" (Fury 3)
Stage Occupants: Luke Spyroyin, Type-R (Copy Shiroi-Ren)

Nightraid Forest

An epic battle taken place within a cold night, in a forest near a hillside. Beware of specters lurking around! Of course, a certain half-crazed dragon child who trains here occasionally will guard your life from them, as long as you don't harm him in a negative way though...
Stage Occupant: Hankyouran (both his normal self and Boss-Form self)
Stage Theme: "P.P.P: Battle Theme - Type 2" (Red Faction 2)
Link is in one of the batches below... (1 or 2?)

Sunlight Jungle

A sunlit jungle around at least 10:00 AM in the morning. The crisp and cool air feels good on the face, and the rays of light warm the soul, but beware of lurking bushwhackers who wish to ruin the peace! Attack sharply! Etna has taken her first assault mission here when taking the petition of joining the D-Type force after her reincarnation; there are wild animals and some monsters here, but they are no match even for a cadet to just back-hand slap across the field.
Stage Occupant: Etna
Link: unknown of yet......

Amethyst Solace

One of the locations which Renetona remembers well. The field is covered in solid amethyst, so falling will hurt a bit more than normal, and it's easy to slip and slide around in certain places here! Regarding these issues, she has trained here to master balance of friction while attacking. It resembles a familiar place in another memory....
Stage Occupant: Arala Cran/Renetona
Stage Theme: * varies
Zones/Floors: 1 (Final Battle)
Link (old): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1abqzsgee4h

The King's Hall

The throne room of a techno-castle which consists a mix of medieval, Modern, and Ultra-Modern technology. It is also commonly held throughout the D-Type legacies as a perfect room to train cadets to their fullest potential to become unstoppable Elite D-Typers.
Stage Occupants: Luke Spyroyin
Stage Theme(s): "Orion" (Shin Contra: Shattered Soldier)
Zone/Floor: 3 (Dominion of Creation)
Link: 'tis in a stage batch pack - Batch 1

Town of Royale

A somewhat peaceful medieval town which the greceful mage Tamiko-Ren lives. She has begun her magic training here and hopes to keep this town standing for thousands of years ahead of her own lifespan. Even so, all other occupants have left this area of boredom and moved to other places, yet she still maintains the town's streets even on her own if she has to....
Stage Occupant: Tamiko
Stage Theme: "Vs Cherub-Purple - Stage 3 boss" (Thunderforce 6)
Link: unknown if in the patch or not - Maybe in batch 2 here?

Deception Island - Stage F.A: Latent Fortress

Interior of a what appeared to be peaceful island isolated in the middle of an ocean zone which was occupied by a small syndicate force and wyverns; however, this is what truly lay below the beautiful tropical facade! The very core of the island fortress was actually a techno-base which holds one of the elemental cores required to unlocking the gate!
Stage Occupants: (unknown)
Stage Themes: "Public Enemy" (Devil May Cry 1), "Battle 1, Arranged from FF9" (Dissidia: Final Fantasy)
Zone/Floor: 4 (Disaster Caverns)
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hnyqmjnzkzy

Castelion Bridge

A bridge which has withstood even a meteorite crashing within itself by some degree, and if not, has the parts of itself which have been resurrected over years of holding an epic saga of countless battles held on its back. It may seem old, but it is surprisingly, and superior by-far stronger than it appears.
Stage Occupants: ???
Stage Theme(s): "Ultra-Violet" (Devil May Cry 1), Evasion (Radiant: Silver Gun)

Jukida Villa (Setsuka's Stage) - Night-Raid

One of the legendary stages of history from a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold. Being a place where
a legendary ninja who wielded a blade in her umbrella, it holds her soul in memory and still stands to this
very day. This is a night time location version of the stage as seen in Soul Calibur 3.
Stage Occupant: Sayo Yuhki
Stage Themes: "Versus Orn: Gauntlet Form" (Thunderforce 6, TF5-remixed), *original song for the stage from Soul Calibur 3's ost*
Zone/Floor: 1 (exclusive)
Link: 'tis in a stage batch pack...

Interstellar Gardens

A battlefield from R-Force: RPG Battle Network/D-Type: Genesis/Zero. The very first battle zone outside of the base when the first batch of monsters, along with chicken-nukes attacked our fortress's gates. It's in a galactic field, yet due to the wide atmosphere zone's oxygen endowment, all units along with you can still breathe even if in open space, since you are on the planet itself. Try not to get blasted out of the field! (but it won't happen so easily anyway, lol! We know you are very strong.)
Stage Occupants: Unknown entity (Boss), Hankyouran, Luke Spyroyin
Stage Theme: "Battle Theme 1" (Lufia 2, arranged) <- first used battle theme in RPG Maker 2000 for our project, lol! smile
Link: unknown...

Lavenderite Ore Caverns

This is a cave located within the floating island, taken by a different route. It is consistent of beautiful ore which is actually lavenderite that allows some types of mechanics to activate without a battery while near them alone, let alone charge expired batteries and slightly heal wounds on a person's body if it is extracted as liquid. Do not let greed take your eyes, for the enemy attacks your party from the darkness away from the faint glow sharply!!
Stage Theme: original
Stage occupant(s): ???
Link: in a batch, I think....

Evening Wastelands - Decimated Cityscape

-no image yet-

Hi-Res Type Only

A ruined town located in a wasteland which was decimated by a comet storm due to the occupants being malicious and doing very evil deeds; however, the supposed killed vile residents have risen from their graves to attack anyone who passes by, along with brutal desert fiends and giant carniverous lizards holding a powerful toxic venom within their bodies, beware!
Link: not yet ready. (will be released on my birthday in 2010, April 20)

Evening Wastelands - Seaside Ruins

-no image yet-

Hi-Res Type Only

The end point of the ruined city in the wasteland field, located near a canyon area and a seaside which is very abnormal to find within a harsh enviornment. This eccentric off-balance is caused by a Elemental Core located nearby, but these "people" don't plan on letting us find it! We will stop them at any cost even if it results to having to drop a few mini-nukes to bomb them back since they're so strong! There was word that a powerful monster was locted near this area.....
Link: Not yet ready. (release date is planned to be April 20, 2010 A.D.)

Sand Hell

An epic battle in the desert region. There is an oasis nearby, but there is also word that a elemental core is located nearby within a pyramid temple fortress here which is shielded by a cloaking device, and it is very effective against the naked eye with the amplification of a common desert mirage. Find the Pyramid Temple and penetrate it's defenses to break the massive heat field!
Stage Themes: "Sand Hell - Stage 4" (Mizaru Works remix: Thunderforce 4 - Arranged), Simulation Battle: MK-XX (Raiden: Fighters Jet)
Stage Occupant: ???
Link: not yet updated..... It's not yet finished!

Sandstorm Sheol

-no image-

The pyramid fortress of Sand Hell has been located, and now it is the time to penetrate it's ancient weapon defense systems! Beware, for there are some unexpected ultra-modern modifications to the ancient weapons located within this tomb... take care!
Stage Occupant: ??? (a boss character)
Stage Theme: "Illusion Palace of the Stone Desert" (Megaman-X Command Mission)
Link: not yet updated.....

The Legendary Graalian Destroyer Battleship

The interior of a legendary battleship in the era of Graal. It was created in 2006 A.D., and has a cursed being which replicates herself to match with whoever that dares intrude it's core system with any means necessary, even if cross-gender. The battleship still lies in wait for any helpless fool who dares to explore it for treasure which was the remains of other foolish warriors who fell before her blade. Find the boss and destroy her completely; free this fallen but innocent maiden from the burden of having to guard a battleship from greedy beings over countless years!
Stage Theme: "Something Green - Stage 6.0" (Gradius 5)
Stage Occupant: ??? (a boss character)
Link: in the patch-batch.

Cryogenetic Dance

A ultra-modern snowfield with negative degree in temperature. Standing still for 30 minutes means that you will be crystallized, yet not destroyed just yet, unless one of the lurking brutes come from their hidden bases and simply punch your crystal-statue self! Feel the beat of the fast paced song and keep moving to withhold your current tension rate, as you dance through a beautiful snowfield which actually has a mechanical bunker that contains the exterior of a regular cottage in it's backdrop! The copy of a certain succubus's Tatari lives here, and she keeps the development of impregnable weapons in absolute progression for the D-Typers in that bunker.
Stage Occupant: Type-R (Copy-White Len)
Stage Theme: "Lock and Load! - Black Angel Mix" (Devil May Cry 4)
Link: in the batch, it's updated too!

Abandoned Satellite Junction - MK:I

This is a neutral satellite base in orbit of our home planets which has no sources of life located within; none innocent, nor hostile alike. it was recently abandoned; just left there, unfinished, unmodified, and only the machines control it. They only activate defenses if something dares threaten the computers, and will act with a powerful laser defense system to punish the evildoer who aggressively assails them!

Crystal Requiem

The true revelation of Amethyst Solace; it's very core! This location was actually a distorted space without Renetona's awareness! A powerful Tatari-Copy and remained afterimage of herself lives here in sorrow; the girl who holds all of the lost tragic memories... beware, for she doesn't have the energy for voice or words due to a broken heart, only rage and a cry of justice in heart for an unfulfilled vengeance! The beauty of this distorted space holds a latent sorrow; it resembles the girl who lives here very well...
Stage Occupants: Arala Cran/Renetona, Boss-Version: Renetona - True Form
Stage Theme: "vs. Orn-Emperor: Final" (Thunderforce 6)
Link: in the batch.

Castelion Tower - Interior Halls

The interiors of a half-ruined but very durable tower of the Castelion continent which has withstood over thousands of years. One can feel the energy flowing in this ancient tower, which is the source that keeps it standing strong to this day.
Stage Theme: "Stage 3.0: Aero Space, the Third Day" (Burning Force, Arcade Version)

Fortress of the Guardians - Interior Floor 1

The inside of the D-Typers' base, one of the halls that leads to the conference room and armory sections.
Stage Theme: "ST:1.2 - Castle Interior" (Guilty Gear: Judgment)

Netherworld Castle - Exterior

This is the exterior of an overlord's home castle located within a netherworld. Very few who make is this far are considered strong, but who is living within the castle gates themselves? So far, Etna and Tamiko love the environment of this area at best, its atmosphere gives a good kick to boosting dark force energy control.
Stage Occupants: Etna, Tamiko, Laharl-X, Nikushimi
Stage Theme: "Stage 3.0: Ares - Mission Briefing, full version" (Fury 3)

Netherworld: Sector 3 - Land of the Dead

The land of the dead, held in cursed memories. Etna has been confronted here before by another squad, and she didn't forget this moment... This stage has been reworked over to perfection by Saiyajin Mui.
Stage Occupants: Etna, Tamiko, Laharl-X, Nikushimi, Nikita

Intergalactic Island Fortress - Exterior Zone

-no image yet-

It is actually a floating island fortress located on a watery planet, levitating via psychic energy. Due to a certain mage in purple located here since the "R-Force" operations taken place some time ago (R-Force: RPG Battle Network for RM2K), it was the first target location for Luke's very first and intense Seek-And-Destroy Assault Mission. This Mobile fortress is heavily guarded by powerful monsters, fortified with latent weapons, anti-federation force soldiers armed with superior technology, and armored vehicles. Standing still too long will mean that you are left open for sniper fire... or even mortar or tank bombing if very unlucky! This is only the exterior section. This was the first stage that had an intense boss character who was unlockable later on (Fumiko will be here as a boss later on!), hence the exterior zone alone has a fast paced battle song that won't be forgotten.
Stage Occupant: Luke Spyroyin
Stage Theme: "Flaming Stagger - Volcanic Field" (Megaman-X2, arranged version)

Disaster Caverns

The hidden cave located deep within Sunlight Jungle which Etna has infiltrated and discovered. This is the area near the surface where she found and defeated regular cave-infesting monsters during her assault mission. It seems to get darker as she progressed, but then started to get brighter when she advanced deeper within...?
Stage Occupant: Etna

Bio-Toxic Swampfield - Zone 1

A cursed swampland in which the organic systems emit high-frequency toxins to corrupt the atmospheric pressure and acidic extract to disintegrate the body, but also evil spirits to attack a wandering soul simultaneously! This is only the surface area which was where the end of the Disaster Caverns led Etna into a fatal deathtrap, but she infiltrated it alive.

Infection Forest

-no image yet-

Hi-Res Type Only

The deepest regions of the cursed Bio-Toxic swamp, an infested jungle and forest filled with viral infection inducive beasts, plants, and traps! Due to the highly poisonous atmosphere, the sky over this area is always a pitch black void, making combat nearly impossible without an Infared or Nightvision tracking system to detect things afar. Some monsters here are highly intelligent and will snipe careless demonslayers with poison arrows, so never stay still in one place, but be careful! Touching one wrong thing; be it a creature, plant, or trap could mean a slow death due to the highly contageous poison! Pay sharp attention to the enemy in front of yourself here!
Link: not yet ready (release date is April 20, 2010 A.D.)

Beast Cell Cage

The insides of a massive unholy beast. We must infiltrate it and destroy the core within! It holds a core which is required to unlock the gate.

Volcanic Asteroid Belt

An even deeper region of the Intergalactic Island Mobile Fortress, fallen to an external Asteroid Belt path that has a high intensity temperature. One wrong fall can mean certain death if unresistant to Fire elemental force! Beware of incoming meteorites, crimson comets, Fire-Elementals, Extremely hostile Heat-Resistant beasts, and solid meteors! A dangerous dragon boss lurks deep within the magma field below who guards the Fire Core!
Stage Theme(s): "Molten Menace - ST4-B" (Samurai Legend: Musashiden), "Lava Shelter - Neutral Stage-F" (Shadow t. Hedgehog), "Stage 4.0: Volcanic Belt" (Shooter: Space Shot), "ST5.0: Asteroid Field" (Gradius 5), "Stage 1 & 2" (DoDonPachi 2 - Sega Saturn Version. For the Hi-Res type stage.)
Link (Low Res): In the batch.
Link2 (High-Res): Not yet implimented, the Hi-Res type is in the works now.

Cryogenetic Zero Gravitation

(Boss Stage!)

A distorted space condensed of cold soul energy. There are no places to hide when confronted by bosses here!
This stage was actually created by a work of art from Luke Spyroyin, yet he didn't know how he was actually foreseeing another dimension...
Stage Themes: "Vs Boss" or "Final Stage; Final Boss" (Star Soldier: PSP version), "Vs Bigcore-MKII" (Gradius 5)

Curse of the Jade Moon (Boss Rush)

Compatability: WinMugen and Mugen 1.0
Warning Issue: Very laggy, not optimal for low-memory processors!
Description: A exact, but upgraded stage from D-Type: Code MB-AA. It is an interstellar moon in which a white cat had to confront a friend who misunderstood the way of things during a crisis by the Chaos Core System. She had to also battle through a varaity of boss class monsters on the way to its core point to deal with her rival. This is a boss rush stage.
Winmugen - Cursed Moon
Mugen 1.0 - Cursed Moon - HD

-more to come than these alone!!

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