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This is the Antagonists Side. The more detailed information about the villans and monsters who we are against; this roster not only ranges from the lesser types to side types, but up to even specific targeted main Boss Enemy characters.

This side is of Neutral-Side Bosses (aren't exactly evil, but rivals or other sources of in-the-way kind of characters),to the evil beings (True enemy characters!)

The same as for all other character unit types, this is only for looking at, but may have some open trial types who are just waiting to either get beat up, or beat up anyone else who dares tamper with him/her.

Only the ones who are most important and already available in our works will appear here.

Mini Roster:
Fumiko (Neutral Rival)
Bigcore-MKI (Neutral or Evil)
Bigcore: M.A.C.K. (Missile Type) - Boss (Neutral)
Rathalos, the King Wyvern (Guest from Monster Hunter) - Boss (Neutral or Evil)
Chaos-Core System (Unknown) - Final Boss! (Main Evil Target)
Lawrence (main antagonist) - Final Boss! (Main Evil Target)

Nominal Type Boss systems:

Name: Bigcore - Missile Shooter type
Computer's name (his directly): M.A.C.K.
System: Mechanical (Interstellar Battleship)
Status : Released Beginner-Type
Requestable: YES (the link is below!)
Side: Neutral
Rank: Boss
Level: 01
Size: Large (1.5*1.5)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit (HP): A (5000)
Energy Limit (MP): C+ (3500)
Attack power: C (100)
Attack effectiveness: A (burns if it hits!)
Attack arsenal: D (very few attacks as of yet, he is not completly armed yet)
Attack range: B (laser belts and homing missiles optimized for effective long range battles)
Defense power: B (200)
Defense effectiveness: A (can sometimes be invulnerable for a limited amount of time! Only his core is vulnerable)
Defense Counter-attack: F (not yet installed for him. Has no defensive counters...)
Int: B (He has Winane A.I. System. A small arsenal for now, but he can sure use it well!)
Mobility: B
Ground Mobility: Walk/Move = B, Run/Boost = C
Aerial Mobility: A, with Unlimited Boost (Forward and backward), damages on contact too!
Jumping Level: C (Lvl.01; x2 jumps)
Loyalty: D (player control is not that easy)

Palates/Outfits (Paintjobs): 6
Type 1: Green Bigcore,
Type 2: Normal Bigcore,
Type 3: Amethyst (Purple) Bigcore
Type 4: Saphire (Blue) Bigcore
Type 5: Onyx (Black) Core
Type 6: Absolute Darkness Core

Shotgun Laser (Consumes -10 MP, but can continuously shoot until MP is Zero)
Air Boost (Regular Forward dashing that damages enemies on contact)
Energy Laser (weak)
Twin Beam (weak)
Micro-Afterburner (Melee for close-combat enemies)
D.O.M. "Dead-On missiles" (strong)

Arcane Artes (Overdrives):
Gatling Cannon (...may not work well?)
Energy Laser (strong)

Mystic Artes (Fatal Move/Last-Arc): A
1: Twin Swarmers (Fatal! Constantly dispatches two homing missiles which both have a wide explosion range on impact. Very high damage on contact!)
2: Photon Belt (strongest laser in his arsenal, it's so strong that it can only be fired while hovering along the ground for now)

Bigcore can't actually fly yet!

Purpose: I've hired him because I need a boss character and someone to simply beat up who's not just another KFM, and I did this out of boredom...

Changes in Level-Up over last release:
He has 200 defense and 5000 HP maximum,
he now says "Cycle Complete, goodbye." on victory,
he now has a new Twin Beam shot,
Controls for "Energy Bolt" has been changed, but is still usable,
Photon Belt Wave Cannon was learned (Mystic Arte, and is an instant kill),
Twin Missile Swarmers have been toned down a bit, but are still deadly! (less explosion damage and hit effects take place, but is made up for a few more faster and larger missiles with more 1st-hit impact damage)
pack contains his song from Gradius V,
Can shoot Energy Bolts and Twin Beams while in the air as well,
the error of chained shots of Energy Bolt while in the air was fixed,

Find and hire the Core: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?aot1ejmnmtz
No Passcode required

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