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6. Renetona Cran [Arala_Cran]  (2013-04-08 3:33 AM)
Sorry everyone, but due to some certain issues and spammers still spying around the place, you must be registered in order to use casual functions starting from this day onward.

This was over several pages of contraband slatted all over the guestbook and I can't have that going on so all guest responses are now disabled permanently. I won't be turning that back on anymore. The least a "guest" can do is look from now on however, but no longer post.

5. Noodles   (2010-05-03 9:12 PM)
Nyaa Nice place ya got here >n.n< me thinks I'll have a look around

4. Renetona Cran [Arala_Cran]  (2010-02-06 6:42 AM)
Thanks for caring, everyone. I've got a lot on my hands around now, and I'm also seeming to lose my cool a LOT around this time, but I can hold up without hostility. Keep an eye out for updates and such every now and then.

3. DarcYen   (2010-02-05 2:45 AM)
lookin good around here

2. Smash Echidna [Frost]  (2010-02-01 8:04 PM)
Well, I'm here now. Just taking a look around.

1. [DarkKnightCecil]  (2010-02-01 5:39 AM)


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