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This page is the roster of our characters for Project Type-D, the ones who will appear in Mugen.
Downloads included, depending on who's who. Links to detailed profiles are coming soon. Due to
the many anti-fans everywhere, most characters will ONLY be shown, and maybe some videos on the
side, but 80% of them are not downloadable. Sharing with others is suicide.

The D-Force: (Protagonist Team; The good or neutral-good characters who have an important role)
Arala Cran / Renetona (Main Female Character)
Ruk Spyroyin (Main Male Character)
Hankyouran / Pyrocator
Etna (further creation for her is aborted)
Mint Xiao (based of a friend of mine as a character she's named after)
Sayo Yuhki
*nameless girl (Boss)
Frost (Yusef1992)
Smash (Yusef1992)
Splice (Yusef1992)

The Neutral: (Regular Side Enemy/Player characters)
Bigcore-MKI (Boss)
Bigcore - Missile Type (Boss)
Fumiko (Player Boss)

The Chaos Core Fragments: (Antagonist Team; Enemies and Boss Characters)
Rathalos (Boss from Monster Hunter)
Chaos Core-System (Final Boss 1)
Lawrence (True Last Boss)

The Vargrants: (Special Guests made by others; they actually may NOT appear on the project though)

White Len (Protagonist side)
Nanaya Shiki (Protagonist side)
Nightmare (Protagonist side)

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