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The D-Force:
Protagonist Team; The good or neutral-good characters who have an important role. This page will have the most detail on the main characters who will appear that are already started on.

Arala Cran / Renetona (Main Female Character)
Ruk Spyroyin (Main Male Character)
Hankyouran / Pyrocator
Etna (further creation for her is aborted)
Mint Xiao (based of a friend of mine as a character she's named after)
Sayo Yuhki
*nameless girl (Boss)
Frost (Yusef1992)
Smash (Yusef1992)
Splice (Yusef1992)
...and more to appear soon.


Main Characters

Arala Cran (アララ クラン) or Renetona (レンエトナ クラン) : 3 Types; (Beginner:Warrior/Boss:Magic Knight/Boss-F:???)
Balance-Type (Beginner) and Ultimate-Type (Boss)
System: Human/WereCat
Gen: Female
Counter-Part: Luke Spyroyin
Rival (storyline; not of hatred): Sayo Yuhki, Fumiko (she's a boss this time)
Pet/Vassal: Hankyouran, Phantom Options(Type-4; Rotation), Standard Force Weapon (R-Type), "Bhrima" Mag (Phantasy Star)
Awakened (Boss) Form: Unknown Entity (Type 1), or Beast Form (Type 2)
Appearances: Castle Shikigami 2/Shikigami no Shiro 2 (she originated from here), Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 4 & SC: Broken Destiny, Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2, Project: D-Type (RPG Maker 2003. She was started for mugen with the RTP set as a temporary basis), ???

Weapon Mastery: Arala Cran may use all weapons
Preferred style: Offensive with her Scythe, Symbology, Dual HGs, and rapid-fire Custom Rail Gun
Unique Feature: "The Experimental" (shuffles through many moves, weapons, and styles actively! Her MP affects movements!)

Personal Stage(s): Interstellar Castle (Main Stage), Amethyst Solace (secondary), Afternoon Meadow (secondary), Ice Field (Boss Form/Power Stage Location)
Preferred Theme Song(s):
"Encounter" (From Castle Shikigami 2, her original battle theme as a boss),
Gradiusic Cyber (Personal, Parody theme currently in use for her. Added to stage: Interstellar Castle)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: B- (3350)
Magic/Power: B (5500, Weak) A- (7500, True. *latest update)
Attack power: S
Attack effectiveness: A
Attack arsenal: S ; Experimental (wide array of moves, interchangeable)
Attack range: A (can attack at almost any range, but not out of her view. She has some back-attacks, surround-attacks, field attacks, and homing attacks)
Defense power: C
Defense effectiveness: C
Defense Counter-attack: B (incomplete)
Mobility: A
Dash: S
Aerial Mobility: S (Arala Cran can actually fly)
Jumping Level: B (X2 jumps, Long Range)
Intellect-AI: B+ (Fair; weak and easygoing sometimes, and yet again she can be a bit aggressive and pull unexpected instant-kills when she's aggravated. If she notices weakness, she will pursuit with combos!)
Loyalty: B+ (player control is somewhat easy, but I don't want it TOO easy)
Mystic Artes: S (X5 of 7; 1: C, requires lots of MP, easy to dodge but kills on contact. 2: A, requires a lot of MP, hard to activate, but even harder to dodge, homing, fixed shot. 3: B, requires a lot of MP, easy to activate but is left vulnerable, blasts the field. 4: C, requires some MP, dead-on fire. 5: S, requires all MP, easy to activate, impossible to dodge, homing swarmers. Set is incomplete.)
Size: Medium-Small
Rating for audiences: Teens or Mature (Suggestive themes, Language, partial nudity, pervert)

Strong point: Mobility, Auto-Counter, Combos, Active Interchangeable Style and offense
Weakness: Defense and Energy Consumption

Requestable: Trial Version: Latest version online
Warning: Contact creator for the passcode (my email: etnasuigintou@gmail.com, or register to the forum)
Level : 235
Status: Excellent, Training herself, and growing ever-stronger

Personal: A little flirty, caring, and not a hateful girl on first contact, also rather friendly outside of the ring, she starts off very easygoing and fair; however, she is quite aggressive in combat, and if one is to anger Arala, they shouldn't be surprised to find themselves bombarded to ashes in less than a second. She is armed with quite a few instant-kills, and doesn't take rudeness lightly.

Starter's memo: She was primarily hired as a test subject, but is now the ultimate bioweapon. Before anything is added to any related friends of hers, she teaches them the moves first, but will accidentally forget it...
Arala Cran, now reincarnated and a bit younger, is the main heroine of the newly planned D-Type: Cronicles of War. She will be the first to appear in the demo if ever released. First Successor of the project. Arala Cran is hated by many people due to having to be a boss in another game (where she originated from), and it seems that it hasn't changed for the poor girl here either; however, in a small group, since she was the first to be a successful working character from RPG Maker into Mugen, she became quite popular, then later on when someone else taken my idea of porting Etna (who was meant to be my first plan, still a parody version as well), as well as of due to multiple events in dreams of her, Arala had became the main heroine of the project as well of being the strongest female character of our group. Many later on appearances of other units will strongly be based off of her in some sort of way, and/or respond to her as well.

Background Story (in the works): A warrior girl who was killed in her past, and came back by the help of Shintaro Kuga, but was pretty much pissed off from taking that last death before and took it out on the wrong people. Arala was taken down yet a second time by Kohintaro and company (see Castle Shikigami 2/Shikigami no Shiro2), and stayed down for over who knows how long, a few millenniums or so. She was found wandering around depressed in the underworld by a lady demon lord from a different netherworld that was quite a long distance away. The lady had decided to reincarnate Arala and hire her for some unknown reason, and had just enough Mana power to do so, but something strange had happened. Both the girls were struck by some odd force that incapacitated them, yet were revived by a boy and a mage using irregular technology. The revival however was incomplete, and both Arala and the demon lord girl had lost their memory. (Since this is about Arala Cran, I'll continue about her side of the story.) The reincarnation via the irregular tech had slightly altered Arala. All she knows is her name, the fact that she can fight, a few of the symbology techniques she had learned, a bit of her mastery with her scythe, how she got along with a demon lord, and the fact that she is a half-reaper. Everything else of her past was lost due to the limitations of the tech that was used to bring her back, and also an odd side-effect that gone wrong in the resurrection process has slightly mutated her into a half-cat; however, the upper hand of this mistake is the facts that she was alive again, able to move with a bit more agility due to the were-cat side-effect, and a few years were cut from her last reincarnation. Due to a further eccentric effect, she was also more of an extrovert than before, with a hint of confidence which sometimes came with the errors of arrogance, and her unchanged lust problem (which only worsened, but Ara still knew when the time was called for or not). Word also has it that she's fusioned with the soul of another woman who was younger than herself, thus another result of Arala's new mixed-up personality and age-cut reincarnated change (the main female character of R-Force: RPG Network Battle, since she is her replacement in the later series due to having higher appeal and stats).
Her "secondary", or more likely real name here is also Renetona (most likely due to this situation for being a fusion of two souls as one.)

Opening: 1 so far;
Normal Intro. Having died twice and been born three times, Arala Cran tells a player or friendly character (if on team battle) of her resurrection and a bit of her progress, along with a bit about herself as of now before stepping into a mission with him/her.

Endings: 5 so far;
1 = Normal Ending. She regains power from Castle Shikigami 2, kills the enemy character only and leaves alive.

2 = Good but sad ending. She remembers the Shikigami war, then loses confidence and leaves through darkness.

3 = Very Good ending. She remembers the Shikigami war and was caught and arrested by Kohintaro and company without resisting, but is absolved of past error due to good actions now and is released back to her new friends.

4 = Just a random ending. A simple ending with her just saying a verse from Revelations while having a confident expression.

5 = Bad ending. She accidentally fails to kill the last boss due to another character who hated her getting in the way at the worst timing, then gets killed by him in an attempt to save her rival from the enemy boss's final attack. Results to a Mission Failed ending...


Videos of her in action:

Best Version (Latest!)

A team battle:


Etna : 1 Type; (Boss Only: Magic Knight)
Balanced-Defensive Type
System: Human/Succubus
Gen: Female
Counter-Part: Laharl-X
Pet/Vassal: Prinny (someone else has released him)
Weapon Mastery: Lance, Handguns, Martial Arts, and a little Symbology
Preferred Style: Stylish and Rush Attacks with her Lance and Martial Arts
Unique Feature: N/A (No special abilities...)
She has no Awakened (Boss) Form.

Personal Stage(s): Disaster Caverns - Deep Regions (Main Stage), Netherworld Castle - Exterior (secondary)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: A (5350)
Magic/Power: C+ (4500)
Attack power: B
Attack effectiveness: B
Attack arsenal: C (a slight array of moves, interchangeable)
Attack range: B (best at mid to close range. She has no back-attacks or field attacks, but a few surround-attacks and homing attacks.)
Defense power: A (has Heavy Barriers)
Defense effectiveness: C
Defense Counter-attack: C (by far incomplete)
Mobility: B
Dash: B
Aerial Mobility: A (incomplete without flying power)
Jumping Level: S (X5 jumps)
Intellect-AI: C (Fair; weak and easygoing, but can sometimes be a bit aggressive and pull unexpected instant-kills when she's aggravated. Not very smart yet, no AI patch installed)
Loyalty: C (player control is average)
Mystic Artes: A (X1; hard to dodge, homing, Aimed fire)
Size: Medium-Small
Rating for Audiences: Teens (Suggestive themes, Mild Language)

Strong Point: Defense and Offense
Weakness: Ranged Attacking and High Energy Consumption

Personal: A bit selfish due to her past life, sneaky and tactical, she will use seductive moves to charm her targets into falling for a trick move, and leave them baffled and humiliated with a loss to her by ease.

Requestable: YES (cares less about what retards said about her compared to fans, but she needs some leveling) - Trial version ONLY: The first
Size: Medium-Small

Level : 45
Status: Retired...
Starter's memo: Was expected to be the main unit, but something bad happened, and her sister took popularity in the labs instead for now. However, neither of them hate each other and she was the most popular for online attention. Later on though, someone else made a "better" version, so further development for her has been aborted and sharing of my version of her is no longer open for sharing, and will never be updated, or if she was, then those later updates of this version of her will never be released to the public. After that has happened, Etna has lost all of her popularity in the project, and been demoted to only a side-line character with no storyline yet, almost phased out of the story completely. This is only a parody version of Etna, and her stats are more likely a reincarnated Arala Cran focusing on her HP and Defense stats.

Background Story: Etna is a beauty queen, and quite popular in the netherworld sector. She has gone through rough times with Laharl and company, so she took a little stray-cat time as well of a chance to become an overlord herself (see 'Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories' for the proper details). She has ventured quite a bit far off on her own, and made an unexpected encounter with a half-reaper girl who lacked the will to kill any further, yet was latent of her ability to unleash a incredible force of reckoning if tampered and underestimated. Etna knew this by simply giving her a nice and quick check of eye contact, and decided that it wouldn't hurt to hire someone who could kill, but something bad happened to both of them as soon as the agreement was reached.
-may or may not be more on her later-

Due to aborted development of this version of Etna, she will have NO intros or endings for the story since she is demoted to only a mere playable character and no longer part of the storyline because of someone else having a "better" release.

Videos of her in action:

Team-Attack, in the rear-

Sister-to-sister intro-


Tamiko Ren : 1 Type; (Beginner Only: Mage/Bishop)
Ranged-Offensive Magic Type
System: Human/Succubus
Gen: Female
Counter-Part: M-Warrior (not named correctly yet)
No Pet or Vassal available for her...
Preferred Style: Magic and Overdrive Attacking
Unique Feature: "Spell-Limit Discount" (Arc-Drives only require half-energy to fire!)
Requestable: Not Really (Taking too long...), but Trial Type: Most Inferior version (not recommended)
Level : 12
Status: Weak, Resting
Starter's Memo: Insufficient -no data yet-
Awakened (Boss) Form: ???
Personal Stage(s): Town of Royale (Main Stage), Guardians' Fortress - Interior B1 (secondary)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: D (2500)
Magic/Power: S (7500)
Attack power: B
Attack effectiveness: C (not enough moves yet)
Attack arsenal: D (a nominal array of moves, incomplete)
Attack range: S (damage anything at any range. She will have a lot of locked attacks, homing attacks, surround attacks, back attacks, and indirect-bombing attacks)
Defense power: F (it hurts her if it hits her)
Defense effectiveness: E
Defense Counter-attack: C (by far incomplete)
Mobility: C
Dash: D
Aerial Mobility: C (can't fly, but can air-dash) <- Updated!
Jumping Level: C (X2 jumps)
Intellect-AI: C (Fair; weak and easygoing, lacks the arsenal for her AI-patch, but she is slightly agressive)
Loyalty: C (player control is over a small arsenal, but is average. She is not yet ready for true combat.)
Mystic Artes: F (none yet)
Size: Small
Rating for Audiences: Everyone or Teens (Mild Suggestive Themes)

Strong Point: Ranged Attacking (Spells), High Max-Energy limit, and Energy Frenzy
Weakness: Lowest Defense

Weapon Specs and Mastery: Symbology at most, Hajirod, Beam cannon, Axe, Raiper, Soul Calibur-GS Type, and Martial Arts

Prefered Style: Offensive Magic, curses and Viral infections to her targets

Background Story: She is the mage who works under Laharl-X. Unlike other mages, she feels safe using large weapons if no men are around her, thus has trained with both recommended wizardry weaponry and heavy weapons equally. Tamiko still can get a bit cumbersome when using heavy blades too long due to her physical limitations, and her defense tells off obvious facts that she's still just like any other girl. Tamiko is vulnerable to enemy fire, and if she's taking a beating from strong brutish enemy characters, this can have a sad, negative end effector for her! Aside of being the weakest character for defense, she has very high offense to compensate for her infirmity, and just as the main heroine which she used part of her own mana to resurrect with the nanotech project, Tamiko has a high rate of killing enemy characters before they can reach her; it is a decisive battle to the end! Tamiko has a special ability to share love and grace with party members; around certain friends, she will endow the party with "Energy Frenzy", which causes everyone to remain at max-power (Full+Unlimited MP).

Videos of her in action:

Team attack, in the rear-


Nikushimi : 1 Type; (Fighter)
Short-Range Hi-Offense Type
System: Beast
Gen: Female
Counter-Part: Hankyouran (Blue Dragon)
Rival: none
No Pet or Vassal available for her, for she IS one.
Requestable: NO (Contact CerebusGirl)
Level : 00
Status: not born yet
Awakened (Boss) Form: ??? (not planned yet)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: A (4500)
Magic/Power: F (1000)
Attack power: A
Attack effectiveness: A
Attack arsenal: C (a slight array of moves, interchangeable)
Attack range: F (will have back attacks and surround attacks, but all of her moves will be up-close only, long range is an Arcane arte or a Base arte)
Defense power: A (has Heavy Barriers)
Defense effectiveness: B
Defense Counter-attack: B (by far incomplete)
Mobility: B
Dash: A
Aerial Mobility: B (can't air-dash, but has a few air combos)
Jumping Level: B (X3 jumps)
Intellect-AI: D (Weak; not very smart, but should be aggressive. not even started yet.)
Loyalty: C (player control is average)
Mystic Artes: D (X1; try to catch a target, kill-on-contact if her enemy is caught. - move is in plans...)

Strong Point: Mobility and High-Offense at Short range

Size: Small
Rating for Audiences: Teens (suggestive themes, partial nudity)
Weakness: Ranged attacking, Very Low Max-Energy, and High Energy consumption

Starter's Memo: A nekomata from Disgaea which will be made under CerebusGirl (staff member). She will have a voice, and be able to use weapons, but will be the 2nd strongest female character in the group who uses fatal powered Melee arts.

Background Story:
Insufficient -no data yet-


Sayo Yuhki : 2 Types; (Beginner:Saint/Boss:Force Blader)
(Shikigami no Shiro2, RM2K3 Parody Version)
Ranged-Defensive Healer Type (Normal) and Balanced-Healer Type (Boss)
System: Human
Gen: Female
Pet/Vassal: Yata Bird
Preferred Style: Ranged Combatant (Long Range)
Unique Feature: "Healing Maiden" (Has strong team-healing abilities!)
Counterpart: none
Rival (storyline; not hatred): Arala Cran
Requestable: NO (had enough of giving out to people who I don't know, only to take a boot to my head for being nice!)
Level: 00 (not yet ready)
She has no Awakened (Boss) form.

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: C (3000)
Magic/Power: B (5500)
Attack power: C
Attack effectiveness: A- (not very strong, but she can use good stopping power and push her foes back in shotgun-like sprays of card-bursts)
Attack arsenal: C (a slight array of moves, mostly spells and such)
Attack range: A (most effective at long range for many shotgun-like spread fire moves, but she's not helpless at close range either. Her Yata-Bird will do some major damage and nullify enemy fire)
Defense power: E (hard to hit, but easy to hurt)
Defense effectiveness: B
Defense Counter-attack: A (by far incomplete)
Mobility: C- (moves as if with heavy arms, slows down when having her Yata-Bird summoned for defense)
Dash: F (can't run very fast or far)
Aerial Mobility: A (incomplete without flying power, but will be able to air-dash a LOT. She doesn't damage enemies on contact)
Jumping Level: S (X5 jumps)
Intellect-AI: D (not yet installed for her.)
Loyalty: B (player control should be a bit easy)
Mystic Artes: A (X1; Field crash)

Strong Point: Healing and Ranged Attacking Coverage
Weakness: Defense and Offense

Size: Small
Rating for Audiences: Everyone (mild suggestive themes)
Status: not born here yet...
Preferred Style: Defensive Mage (White Mage) with team-healing and Positive effects, and Tag-Team attacks best with Arala Cran,

Weapon specs and mastery:
Katana, Handgun or Dual HGs, Rod, Yata Bird summon, Cards (shotgun-style spread fire), Control of Light Force Symbology, Standard Martial Arts Mastery, and can counterattack with Reflect Spell and Reflect Stance.

Personal: May be kind and fair outside of the ring, and fights fair inside of the ring, but watch out for that katana and her Mega Crash spell!

Related moves to Arala Cran's style:
Mega Crash, Magnum Hailstorm (normal), Easy Combo (one hit after another), Weapon Combo (rapid fire from her handguns, and punch to blade combos), Psycho-Magnum shot (with the loop fire while on the ground), Summon Yata Bird (negative mobility and can't shoot, but may deflect enemy fire and severelt damage nearby enemies), Cure and Curaga (area of effect type to heal friends too), Counter-Air throw,

Starter's memo: I did not forget about her, just didn't have the time. I will be updating my current roster shortly and add her to the D-Type Force as well. To my friend's request, she may play as the other two girls, but focus more on dual HG-s (look at her sig spoiler), and may also be a support summon for myself as seen. Sayo won't have much, but will most likely be able to go with a lot of tag-team attacks. For now, Sayo is more of a support-unit, so she won't have that much YET, but will gain more later...

Background Storyline:
Another fallen warrior (well, more like Priestess) from some time ago, Sayo Yuhki is also part of the reincarnated units. She is actually resurrected by Arala Cran using Mana force (as in Disgaea/Makai Kingdom)... but Ara wasn't able to completely restore Sayo to her normal self as before death either due to a long "sleep" time. Unlike her rival who resurrected her, Sayo, being resurrected by pure Mana Force which was much stronger than Nanotech, actually remembers everything, except of how her last death occorued directly. Confused of the fact that she was resurrected by her rival since the second Shikigami wars, yet grateful for noticing the change Arala has taken, the two have became friendly rivals (more of friends than rivalry). Later, she was questioned by Arala Cran about her past, but due to not wishing to bring back the tragic incident, Sayo tells Arala that it's best for her not to know of it at first; however, she later tells the truth after making sure that it wouldn't bring any pain back to her...


^- this girl is NOT Sophia Esteed-^

????? (2 Types, but is no longer existent)
Was both a mage and swordswoman when alive
Originated: R-Force: Network Battle/D-Type Zero (RPG Maker 2000)
System: Human (Light Entity)
Gen: Female
Pet/Vassal: None... (she's dead)
Preferred Style: Spells and Swords (Mid-Range)
Unique Feature: ??? (unknown)
Counterpart: Arala Cran (Overshadow-Replica of Darkness)
Rival: None (since she didn't make it)
Requestable: NO (Wtf? This is just a note of a lost character)
She is a Awakened (Boss) form!

Personal Stage: Crystal Requiem (Main Stage), Cryogenetic Gravitation Field (secondary)

Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: A (7000)
Magic/Power: S (7500)
Attack power: A
Attack effectiveness: B
Attack arsenal: S (same style as Arala Cran's arsenal, but some changes)
Defense power: F (will get hurt like a schoolgirl, ouch!)
Defense effectiveness: C
Defense Counter-attack: A (by far incomplete)
Mobility: A
Dash: B
Aerial Mobility: A (incomplete without flying power)
Jumping Level: S (X5 jumps)
Intellect-AI: C- (Fair,but no AI patch installed yet)
Loyalty: A (will relate to Ara's style)
Mystic Artes: ?? (some will relate to Arala Cran's set of moves)

Size: Medium-Small
Rating for Audiences: Teen (suggestive themes)
Strong Points: Speed, Attack Power, and Magic/Symbology
Weakness: Darkness Element attacks, All physical Defense, and Energy Consumption

Status, Background Story, and Personal:
This is actually a girl who was almost exactly like Sophia Esteed as seen in Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time, except she was able to use dual-blades. Always had a bright personality, but with a hint of latent sadness which only those who were very close to her would know. Due to the fatal war in the R-Force operations, she has sacrificed herself to save everyone else from a very brutal opponent who threatened those of light and darkness alike (or anything for that matter!) As everyone else have figured out that both her and Arala were parts of one another, and that this girl was actually a Goddess in the disguise of a normal woman, yet was still not a match for the main antagonist alone, she used the last of her life force to nullify the enemy's final attack and seal it away; thus died as a sad result. Arala, now having changed from being confused at this time manages to take hold of the girl's soul in herself, but also died in the event. This was the original first heroine of R-Force who just so happened to have disappeared due to a too-redundant style and has became a part of Arala Cran instead for a by-far better appealing style with some actual storyline. She's based off of the normal RTP Set and almost appears as Sophia, so that's why she was the first, but having to be too much of a match was way too repetitive, so she didn't make it to D-Type... unless someone wants to see me make her anyway, in which if I did, she'll have the almost same exact style as that of Arala Cran and Etna...


Ruk (Luke) Spyroyin: 2 Types; (Fighter/Marksman)
Balanced-Type and Ranged Hi-Offense Type
System: Human/Were-Dragon
Gen: Male
Counter-Part: Arala Cran / Renetona
Pet/Vassal: Standard Force (R-Type)
Level : 02
Requestable: Trial Version: Earliest version (He will not be sharable!)
Status : Resting, taking some serious leveling.
Preferred Style: Marksman (Long Range, Guns at most)
Unique Feature: "Blaster-Master" (1: requires only half-energy to fire stronger shots with guns! 2: Some shots may be slower however, but they are more fatal than normal!)
Awakened (Boss) Form: Orn-Draik (Half Dragon Half Mech form)

Personal Stage(s): The King's Hall (Main Stage), Terrain: X-1G (secondary), Forest of the World Tree (secondary)
Mugen Type Stats:
Health Limit: S (7550)
Magic/Power: C (3500)
Attack power: B
Attack effectiveness: B
Attack arsenal: C (a slight array of moves, interchangable - not yet complete)
Attack range: A (he's best at long range, but will do some damage up close as well. watch out for the RYNO:II!)
Defense power: S (has Heavy Barriers)
Defense effectiveness: B
Defense Counter-attack: C (not yet installed for him)
Mobility: F (slow due to heavy arms)
Dash: E
Aerial Mobility: C (incomplete without flying power or air-dash)
Jumping Level: C (X2 jumps)
Intellect-AI: D (Fair, no AI patch installed for him yet)
Loyalty: C (player control is average)
Mystic Artes: S (X1; Impossible to dodge, homing swarmers, wide paralysis explosive on contact)

Size: Medium
Rating for Audiences: Teen or Mature (Strong language, couple of S and F-bombs, lol)
Strong Point: Ranged Attacking and Defense
Weakness: Mobility and Energy Limit

Weapon Specs and mastery: rapid-fire Rail Gun, Shotgun, RYNO-II, Power Boosted Rail Gun, Dual HGs, Surikens, Force Vambrace, and basic Symbology

Preferred Style: Easiest-Chain fire of ranged weapons

Starter's Memo: Not too much into violence, and having a fear of failed a cantrip spell and knocking himself out by accident during a dungeon purification mission, he is to be the best at shooting others with his massive arsenal of ranged weaponry than other skills (though he's not lacking in them either). Since his father was a soldier descended from a family of excellent hunters, he is good with firearms, and is especially good at shotguns. Due to carrying something under his coat which was passed to him by his father, his mobility is a hazard for him, but aside of all the other heavy latent weapons he has which are slowing him down, if he pulls out the legendary weapon from a time rift he has found from another dimension...!


Videos of him in action:

-first few minutes-


Hankyouran: 3 Types; (Fighter)
Beginner-Type (his Trial version), Flight-Type (not yet ready), and Speed-Type (advanced level version not yet ready, but will inflict viruses on repeated attacks)
System: Beast(Dragon)
Gen: Male
Counter-Part: Nekomata
Preferred Style: Speedy-Brawler (Short Range, fast movements)
Unique Feature: "Microscopic-Calamity" (Smaller size makes him almost impossible to hit!)
Requestable: YES (Trial version of him is already released)
Level : 10
He IS a pet and Vassal;
Master: Arala Cran
Status : Released Beginner-Type
Awakened (Boss) Form: Hankyouran-G (a grown up version with arms and is a bit larger and with armored scales, allowing him to use weapons!)
Personal Stage(s): Virus Jungle - F2 (Main Stage), Nightraid Forest (secondary)

Mugen Type Stats:

Health Limit: C (3000)
Magic/Power: C (3000)
Attack power: C
Attack effectiveness: A
Attack arsenal: C (a slight array of moves which is not yet complete)
Attack range: C (he's best at long range, but can do an endless combo of talon scratches)
Defense power: F (quite small and can get slapped around easily if he is hit)
Defense effectiveness: D
Defense Counter-attack: C (not yet installed for him)
Mobility: B
Dash: B
Aerial Mobility: A (incomplete without flying power or air-dash)
Jumping Level: B (X3 jumps)
Intellect-AI: D (Fair, no AI patch installed for him yet)
Loyalty: B (player control is somewhat easy)
Mystic Artes: F (Hankyouran cannot use Mystic Artes)
Size: Tiny
Rating for Audiences: Everyone
Strong Point: Mobility and Size disadvantage for enemy fire
Weakness: Energy Limit

Starter's memo:
he will be the first monster-type unit in the group. Since we plan on making a fighting version of D-Type from RM2K/3, he won't have too much to tell, but will be proof that we started a RM2K/3 conversion to Mugen.

....as I plan to balance the boys and girls to add each unit his/her counter-part friend (they aren't foes, just competing. I'll add some depth later to them when I ever get a chance... IF I do, that is...)
some personnel are missing.


Videos of him in action:

Teamed with me, rear position.


Frost, Protector of the Final Frontier:
2 Types; Beginner-Type (his Trial version), and True-Type (Final Form: Super Frost)
System: Unknown (Extra Terrestrial Being)
Gen: Male
Requestable: Yes or No? (Trial version of him is already released, but this depends strongly on Yusef1992's decision if you get him or not)
Level : 10
Status : Works In Progress status (not near finished yet)
Awakened (Boss) Form: Super Frost (Golden status which endows Frost with nearly unstoppable force of light)
Style: Balanced, Twin Swords, Multi-Purpose Laser Cannon
Stage Location: Ruin outskirts of Metropolis Z732-A

Health Limit: C (3000)
Magic/Power: C (3000)
Attack power: C
Attack effectiveness: A (very dangerous when confronted due to high amounts of combos with dual blades and a gun)
Attack arsenal: B (a slight array of moves which is not yet complete, has both short and long ranged attacks. Strongest is his melee arts)
Attack range: C (he's best at short range, but can do serious damage with a ripple laser burst shot)
Defense power: C (quite small, but can't get slapped around easily if he is hit)
Defense effectiveness: D
Defense Counter-attack: C (not yet installed for him)
Mobility: B
Dash: B
Aerial Mobility: B (incomplete without air-dash just yet...)
Jumping Level: C+ (X2 jumps, normal, but he can leap high)
Intellect-AI: D (Fair, no AI patch installed for him yet, working on this)
Loyalty: B (player control is somewhat easy)
Mystic Artes: B (Frost can kill targets with either a maximum charged blast from his laser cannon, or Dimension Slash)
Strong Point: Melee Attacks

Size: Tiny
Rating for Audiences: Everyone
Weakness: None

Starter's memo: Frost (AKA: Yusef1992) is a young galaxy federation soldier who travels across the final frontier, clearing any and all signs of evildoers. A balanced swordsman who wields dual blades he is very skilled at fencing and other kinds of sword mastery; however, he is also an excellent marksman able to use a mini laser cannon which can be equipped with variations of ammunition. Despite his small size (which is yet another advantage to another factor: Frost is very hard to hit by enemy fire, and can go around areas where larger units cannot advance!), note has it that he can transform into a powerful being...

Videos of him in action:


Nikita, the Legend
(Insufficient Data)
Requestable: NO (Family Member Exclusive character request, unable to share.)

Estimated stats-
Best Weapon: Swords and Martial arts
Secondary Weapon: RYNO-II
Pet/Vassal: None...
Style: Powerful Short Ranged attacks
Unique Feature: "Barrier Breaker" (can easily penetrate enemy defense lines; some of his attacks cannot be blocked!)
Advantage: High HP, High Attack Power, High Defense
Weakness: Low MP, Tiny Arsenal (Very limited array of attacks)
Rating for Audiences: Teen (Mild Language)

Short info: He is a half-brother of Luke Spyroyin. The reason why he is only a half-brother is due to being a replica of his real brother, but the both of them are admired, honored, and respected equally. He is a little more lenient than his original self.

"IHateU", The FOnewearl
(Insufficient Data)
*New and uprising!
-release date TBA. may not be possible-
A Newman-Force Mage who has emerged from the world of Phantasy Star has joined the D-Type Forces in battle against monsters and evildoers. Although a bit arrogant, she's on the lawful good path and packs a taste of power for a mage. She has high attack power, and even higher energy limit reach than most other units (except for Tamiko), and gets along with the rest of the squad just as well as with her MAG who has saved her from tight spots. She uses the alias: "I Hate You" due to many hostile confrontations in her younger life, yet has no intentions of hating others and never tells anyone her true name for unknown reasons other than just that rough childhood. This FOnewearl has fallen by the deadly clutches of Dark Falz, but came back twice and succeeded in retribution but has some sort of infection being a slight infirmity on her quest to slay SEED remnants and hostile monsters.

Estimated stats-
Best Weapon: Magic (her strongest point), Bow, Beam Sword, Wand, Chinese Martial Arts
Secondary Weapon: Single Handgun, Scythe (Soul Eater)
Pet/Vassal: "Bhrima" Mag (Summoned)
Style: Magic and ranged attacks
Unique Feature: "Summon-Lover" (Attack and Defense go up when her summon-skill is activated!)
Advantage: High MP, High Speed
Weakness: Low defense, can be stunned easily!
Rating for Audiences: Teen or Mature (Suggestive themes, Mild Language)



(Insufficient Data)
*New and uprising!*
-release date TBA. may not be possible-
Estimated stats-
Best Weapon: Wide Beam Gun, Beam Sword "Sonic Sword", Internal Weaponry, Chinese Martial Arts
Secondary Weapon: Ace Braver Gauntlet, Brickdale-BLACK Gauntlet, Duel Rapier
Pet/Vassal: "Beam Bit" Option (Summoned)
Style: Buster Fire and Mid-ranged attacks
Unique Feature: None...
Advantage: High MP, Can fly
Weakness: Low defense, Slow (on foot), can be stunned easily!
Rating for Audiences: Teen (Mild Suggestive themes)

-Coming soon


Guest Characters

These are special guests who are in the D-Type Squad from others; nothing majorly different than what he/she would normally do, but then again that character may have a few distinct personalities different from normal when here. For more information of the out-of-character changes for some of these guests, refer to the Original Site Forums: Heavenly Solace.

The white cat.
Home Origin: Melty Blood
Special appearance: D-Type: Code MB-AC

Notes: For Code MB-AC, it started by an event where she found an almost-incapacitated protagonist from the D-Type Squad who was injured after fighting a Chaos-Core Spawn to save her. She tried to possess the other girl when the fight was over, but had no idea that she did a big mistake and had been backfired; possessed by her instead. (do know that this is an completely out-of-character side-story smile )

Major Differences for her here:
Her Voice changed,
Her Nickname changed,

Hosted change: Site Imageboard Mugenbooru,
2nd Host (old): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?o8234r3acze581q
New Change: Hosted on MEGA (Passcode: StrayCat)

(Warning! This version of her is a pervert! Click at your own risk...or best do NOT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Age 18+ audiences required or DO NOT CLICK!!) 

Noticeable Differences between characters (advantage and disadvantage for character genders)

Male Players:
-Usually have the advantage of-
Immune to Stupification (all boys cannot be stunned from overbashing even if not guarding), Higher defense standards, higher HP limit standards, Immune to Defense Failure (shields will not shatter even against heavy vulcan fire or massive combos), faster and/or easier weapon use, half-energy weapon consumption (certain boys take less energy when firing weapons), Immune to throw attacks (cannot be thrown)

-Sometimes have the faults of-
Lowest MP limit standards (some boys even have Zero-MP!), Cannot cure party members with HP recovery, lower mobility (some boys are an exception of this though), high energy consumption (lose a lot of MP very quickly), lower loyalty (some boys are hard to control)

Female Players:
-Usually have the advantage of-
highest mobility standards (very fast movements), high attack rating and/or efficiency (some girls are an exception of this though), higher MP limit standards, passive status benefactors, can heal other party members on the field, high loyalty (easy controls), lowest energy consumption, half Arc-Drive energy consumption (certain girls take less energy when casting powerful spells or using overdrive attacks)

-Usually have the faults of-
Low HP limit standards, lowest defense standards (can easily get hurt, or even die from 4 to 7 hits from enemy characters), can easily be stupified when taking too many hits (all girls are vulnerable!), breakable defense (can only guard so many hits), small in size (easy to get bullied around)

Guest Characters are unaffected by status differences, they stick to their own natural balances. 

This is but only a small list of who we are, certainly there are more of us...

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