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Test forum
Test forum for random purposes. The baka-labs. Goof off with strange scientific experiments, such as backwards velocity with cars, etc for the lols.
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For all your randomness. Warning! Post count EXP here will not be awarded, and certain actions will be taken seriously! Go wild, but Watch what you say and do here!!
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1 9 Sunday, 2010-04-18, 3:18 PM
Thread: The Randomizer
Posted by: Nightraxx

Floating Graves
The Trash Fort [Archive]
Where the rubbish goes.
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Back to heaven
This is a spot on the main site to talk about the original forum for Heavenly Solace.
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3 0 Sunday, 2012-10-14, 1:23 AM
Thread: Forumotion is down....
Posted by: Arala_Cran

Database Hardware
The official website of Heavenly Solace
For anything dealing with this site in depth directly. Host some ideas here, or allow me to post updates here (along with being on the original forum too.)
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3 2 Tuesday, 2012-04-24, 11:03 PM
Thread: Notice of re-uploading files
Posted by: Arala_Cran
RPG Maker - The Fantasy Battle Begins
This is for any and all files on the database for the RPG Maker systems. FAQ, files, updates, requests, system requirements, patches and etc. for more than just Sim-RPG Maker 95 through RM-VX.
Forum moderator: Arala_Cran, Frost
1 1 Friday, 2010-06-18, 8:18 PM
Thread: Use for RPG Maker
Posted by: DarkKnightCecil
Mugen Storm
This is for the database files for Mugen here. Ranges from Characters and patches, to lifebars, stages, creation FAQ, resources, add-ons, news etc.
Forum moderator: Arala_Cran, Satsujinki, Haseo
6 13 Wednesday, 2013-09-04, 7:47 PM
Thread: Perverted White Cat (warning...
Posted by: core101
Graal - Legendary Resources
This is the database section for the old Graal Patch which has the level editor. Online play with this one is obsolete, and this is only for personal purposes.
2 0 Thursday, 2011-03-03, 2:33 AM
Thread: Graal with Level Editor
Posted by: Arala_Cran
Phantasy Star Oriented
For anything and Everything about Phantasy Star; old or new. Patches and downloads are also available to apply.
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2 4 Saturday, 2010-02-27, 7:17 AM
Thread: Personal Skins
Posted by: DarkKnightCecil

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