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Hankyouran - Normal Form (trial type)
2010-02-07, 1:31 AM
Hankyouran is a baby wyvern, a blue dragon in his infant form for now. He made his appearance in R-Force: RPG Battle Network as the first unlockable character. This is not exactly his true form just yet. He's my pet and vassal.

Hankyouran is very small here; due to his small size, he's very weak in attack and slightly weak in solid attack power; however, this contrasts with high mobility, difficulty of being hit, evasion, and fast combos. Despite the fact of his frail defense and attack power limits, beware of his "Salamander Cannon" breath attack!

This is a trial version of his normal form which will have to be updated later.
Category: Mugen Characters | Added by: Arala_Cran | Tags: mugen Hankyouran Pyrocator BlueDrag
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